Cardinal Health Helps Families Become Whole Through Adoption

Posted on April 26, 2023

In 2017, Mathew, an employee of Cardinal Health, and his wife Jessica became foster parents to a baby boy named Blake. From the moment the couple laid eyes on him, they knew he was meant to be part of their family. At 18 months old, Blake entered the couple’s lives, and they have been by his side ev

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5 reasons you won’t adopt from foster care, and why they’re wrong

Posted on April 13, 2023

“It’s too expensive.”  “Children in foster care are too set in their ways to blend in with my family.”  “I’m not married, so I can’t adopt, right?”  “I don’t want to deal with the child’s family of origin or the child welfare system — it’s all just too complicated!”  It’s importa

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The Bond of Family: Johnathan and Patty’s Story

Posted on April 4, 2023

Arizona — Johnathan and Patty were placed in foster care due to neglect as their biological mother struggled with drug addiction. Scared for their future, Johnathan vividly remembers the night they were removed from their house.  “It was just me and my little sister,” said Johnathan. “I was pre

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