Action alert: Let Congress hear your voice!

Posted on August 28, 2015


ACTION ALERT: Let Congress hear your voice!

Dear Friends of Adoption:

This is a perfect time to connect with your Members of Congress before the summer recess ends on September 7th.  Here are several simple ways you can reach out and make sure they know how important the Adoption Tax Credit is to you (their constituents). We want to build Senate and Representative support for the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act (S. 950/H.R. 2434).

Here is what you can do in summer recess:

  • Send a letter to Congress. Use the template letter linked here but personalize it:  Even if you have already adopted, tell your legislators how important your family is to you. If you have not yet benefited from the Adoption Tax Credit, explain how you hope it is available for all future families
  • Call your Members of Congress. Surveys show that only 20 calls from constituents are needed for a bill to the get the attention of our elected officials.   Even if you sent a letter, please call. If you only do one thing, please call. We have created a script for you and made it very easy:
  • Visit your Members of Congress. August is a great time to make an appointment to visit your Members of Congress while they are back in their district and state for the August recess.  Find their website and contact their state office to make an appointment



Use the Adoption Tax Credit website content for your meeting “script” and print this PDF document to leave with the staffer/Member that you meet with

  • Connect with your Members of Congress online. Social media allows you to directly connect with your elected officials.   Most Senators and Representatives have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.  Connect with them today:

Do not underestimate the power of your voice and your story.  Members of Congress support bills that matter to their constituents. Please send this email to your networks. Follow our Advocacy Updates via Facebook at:  
Thank you for your continued support,

The Adoption Tax Credit Working Group Executive Committee

American Academy of Adoption AttorneysAdopt America NetworkChristian Alliance for Orphans,
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (Secretariat), Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption,
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