We’re eternally grateful to our many dedicated partners and donors at all levels. With the support of adoption champions like you, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is making significant progress toward our goal of ensuring a forever family for every childThank you for giving the gift of family.

The Dave Thomas Lifetime of Giving Society

The cumulative giving of the following individuals and organizations has reached or exceeded $1 million to the Foundation.

Aramark Uniform Services/Crest Uniform

Barco Uniforms, Inc.
Blue Meridian Partners
Briad Wenco, LLC
Bridgeman Foods, Inc.
Carolina Restaurant Group
Cedar Enterprises, Inc.
The Coca-Cola Company
DavCo Restaurants, Inc.
The Duke Endowment
First Sun Management Corporation
FourCrown, Inc.
Fox Group
Freddie Mac Foundation

Dave Thomas Family Companies, LLC
Donna J. Gustafson Trust
JAE Restaurant Group
James & Eileen Manning Charitable Trust
Meritage Hospitality Group
MUY! Hamburger Partners, LLC
NPC Quality Burgers, Inc.
Pennant Foods Corporation
Quality Supply Chain Co-Op, Inc.
Stanton & Associates, Inc.
Starboard Group
SWBG Operations Group
Tar Heel Capital / FFC Limited Partnership
The Dave / Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge

I. Lorraine Thomas

Valenti Mid-Atlantic / Mid-South Management, LLC

Wendelta, Inc. / Carlisle Corporation
The Wendy’s Company

Wendy’s Advertising Fund, Inc. (NY DMA Co-Op)

Wendy’s National Advertising Program, Inc.
Wendy’s of Bowling Green, Inc.

Wendy’s of Montana, Inc. / Wendy’s of Montana Foundation

Wendy’s Philadelphia ADI Co-Op

Forever Home Society

The following individuals have made their intentions known to include the Foundation in their estate plans.

Estate of Robert Paul Anderson
James Annenberg La Vea Charitable Foundation
Donna J. Gustafson Trust
Denny and Pam Lynch Family
James & Eileen Manning Charitable Trust
David R. Postowoj
Anne E. Ranta
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rath
I. Lorraine Thomas
Constance Trapp MacCrate
Joseph J. and Cathy C. Turner


The following individuals and organizations donated to the Foundation’s Endowment Fund.

Donna J. Gustafson Trust
Denny and Pam Lynch Family Fund
James & Eileen Manning Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Richards
The Russell Fund for Adoption
Shore Morgan Young Wealth Strategies Fund
I. Lorraine Thomas Fund


Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who generously supported our vision between July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.

($5M and above)
Blue Meridian Partners

($1M – $4,999,999)
NPC Quality Burgers, Inc.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

The Wendy’s Company

($500,000 – $999,999)
Briad Wenco, LLC
Bridgeman Foods, Inc.
Dave Thomas Family Companies, LLC
MUY! Hamburger Partners, LLC
Starboard Group
I. Lorraine Thomas
Wendy’s National Advertising Program, Inc.

($250,000 – $499,999)
Barco Uniforms, Inc.
JAE Restaurant Group
JAEA Restaurant Holdings, LLC
Meritage Hospitality Group
Tournaments for Charity

Wendy’s Advertising Fund, Inc. (NY DMA Co-Op)

Role Models
($100,000 – $249,999)
All-Star Management, Inc.

James Annenberg La Vea Charitable Foundation

Barbarosa Foods, Ltd.
Calhoun Management Corporation
Carolina Restaurant Group

Colorado Department of Human Services

Cotti Foods

Haza Foods, LLC

Primary Aim, LLC / Wendy’s Management Group, Inc.

Starboard Group Foundation, Inc.
State of Georgia
Tar Heel Capital / FFC Limited Partnership

Utah Department of Child and Family Services

Vale Management Corporation / CKA

Valenti Mid-Atlantic / Mid-South Management, LLC

Wen Zak, Inc.
Wenco Wendy’s Franchises
Wendelta, Inc. / Carlisle Corporation
Wendy’s International Foundation
Wendy’s of Bowling Green, Inc.
Wendy’s of Colorado Springs, Inc.
Wendy’s of Missouri, Inc.
Wendy’s Philadelphia ADI Co-Op
Wenmarr Management Company, LLC
WTC Ventures, Inc.

($50,000 – $99,999)
Estate of Robert Paul Anderson
Arizona Restaurant Company, LLC

Blackthorn Management, Inc. / Stampede Management, Inc.

Ulysses L. Bridgeman, Jr.
Catie Food Systems, Inc.
Charity Recycling Service, LLC
Ali Dhanani
Douglas Corporation of Michigan
Kenny and Rhonda Drake

Facebook, Inc.
Fourjay, LLC
Hamra Management Company, LLC
Hoover Foods, Inc.
JAEAB Restaurant Holdings, LLC
JAGS, Inc. / Wendschmidt, Inc.
JAM Restaurants, LLC
The Sam & Judy McDonald Foundation
Parco, Ltd.
Pennant Foods Corporation
R & L Foods, LLC / G.K. Foods, Inc.
R.S. Hanline & Company, Inc.

Starboard Group of Richmond
State of New York
T. Marzetti Company
Christopher Tsavoussis

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Wendcentral Corporation
Wendco Group / Wendco of Alabama
Wendy’s of Bloomington, Inc.
Wendy’s of New England, LLC
Wenevada, LLC
Wentana, LLC
WKS Frosty Corporation

($25,000 – $49,999)
AKSAN United Fortune, Inc. / Wend Colorado

Basec Management, Inc.
Better Food Systems, Inc.
Boukai Family Foundation
Brian H. Kelemen & Associates, Inc.
Brodersen Management Corporation
Bryant Restaurants, Inc.
Canton S-Group, Ltd.

Continental Food Management / Wen Food Management, Inc.

Eastbay Equities, Inc.
ELP Restaurant Holdings
Family Restaurants, Inc.
First Sun Management Corporation

FourCrown, Inc.

Latrelle’s Express, Inc. / Mall Burgers / Wendy’s Louetta

Leakas Quality Foods, Inc. / Leakas and Evangelou Ventures

Legacy Restaurant Group, LLC
Lenfam Management Company
LPS Enterprises of New York, Ltd.
McInerney Family Charitable Fund
North-Wend Foods, Inc. / Wendy’s Alaska
Mike and Jane O’Malley
OK Foods, Inc.
Omega Foods, Inc.
QFRM Holdings, LLC
Rawson Food Services
Saren Restaurants, Inc.

Southeast Food Services Company, LLC
South-Wen, Inc.
Starboard Group of Southeast Florida, LLC
Starboard Group of Tampa / Tampa II, LLC
John and Becki Stock
Strottman International, Inc.
T & C Foods, Inc.
Wendcharles II, LLC
Wendmiddle, LLC
Wendoming / Wenzona / Wenutah
Wendpark, LLC
Wendy’s of Western Virginia, Inc.
Wenesco Restaurant Systems, Inc.
Wenspok Resources, LLC
Wen-Star of Louisiana, Inc. / Wen-Star, Inc.
Robert and Stacy Wright
Mike Zak

($10,000 – $24,999)
Allen Properties
Ed and Judy Anderson

Aydelott Restaurant Equipment & Design

Craig S. Bahner Donor Advised Fund
Chris Baker
Barco’s Nightingales Foundation
Barney Enterprises
Bay Partners, LLC
BRK of Alabama, LLC

Maureen E. and Emil J. Brolick Family Trust, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Burchard Restaurants, Inc. / Chalmette Restaurants, Ltd.

C.H. Pryor & Associates, Inc.
Cavendish Farms
Cherry Creek 101, Inc.
Citizens Charitable Foundation
Classic Foods, Inc.

Coastline Food Services Company, LLC

The Conner Family Charitable Fund
Crane Group
CS Restaurants
Delight Restaurant Group
Deters Company, Inc.

Donaldson Enterprises / Wendy’s of Waycross / PLD Enterprises

East Balt US, LLC
Empra Systems, Inc.

ESPN, Inc.
Liliana Esposito and Shawn Kichline
Evans Automotive Repair, Inc.
Fashion Food, LLC

Finley & Company / Lakeview Foods / M R Finley, Inc.

Giordano Brick Management / GC Wen Management / Jen Wen / EM Wen

Nancy and Donald Givens
Henny Penny
Holland-Buerk Enterprises, Inc.
John Hughes
Integrity Food Group, LLC
JACS, Inc.
JEM Management Corporation
K&K Foods, Inc.

The Christine and Kurt Kane Family, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

David and Lisa Karam
Kim Foods, Inc.
LegoLand California
Pickens and Libby Lindsay
Denny Lynch
Peter May
Medina County Foods
Mid-Hudson Wendico, Inc.
Mid-Ohio Restaurant Management III
Shannon Mulcahy

Neighborhood Restaurants of West Virginia, Inc.

North Florida Management, Ltd.
Dan O’Brien

Paradigm Group, LLC
James Patton
Patton Places, Inc. / Wen Choo Choo, Inc.
Peco Foods, Inc.
Todd and Jill Penegor
Pertoria, Inc.
Princeton Food Services
Abigail Pringle and David Cromleigh
QSC Restaurants (CO)
Quality Served Fast, Inc.
RacePenguin, LLC
RDR Foods, Inc.
Restwend, LLC
Richland County Foods
S&D Coffee, Inc.
Corey Sauer

Rick Sefton
SGR Restaurants, LLC
Sinkula Investments, Ltd.
The Southard Foundation

Southern California Food Services Corporation

Springfield Investments, LLC
Sprint Nextel
Starboard Group of Alabama
Stonewall Road Restaurant Group
Sunset Equities
SWBG Operations Group
Team Three Group Limited
Theobald Management, Inc.
The Thompson Family Charitable Fund
ToroCar V, Inc.
Total Quality, Inc.
Tri-Cities Restaurant Group, LLC
David Trimm
TriWest Restaurants
Tromi Corporation
TSC Food Service
Jon and Shannon Turner
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Upper Lakes Foods, Inc.
Walker Holdings Group
Wasserstrom Foundation
Wen Enterprises Corporation
Wendbeck Corporation
Wendbus Corporation
Wendco of Milford, Inc.
Wendgrand, LLC
Wendgusta, LLC
Wendover, Inc.
Wend-XX, Inc.
Wenoregon, LLC
Andree Wildenstein Dormeuil & Roger Dormeuil Foundation
E.J. and Sarah Wunsch

($5,000 – $9,999)
A&J Foods, Inc.
ACI Worldwide, Inc.
Mario Allegro
Ed and Carla Austin
Sergio Balsinde
Bank of America SIA

The John and Ann Barney Family Foundation

Brierley & Partners, Inc.
Laura Butrico
Cedar Group
Church Brothers

Barbara Clement Memorial Fund of The Columbus Foundation

The Coca-Cola Company
Jeff and Sandi Coghlan
The Columbus Foundation
Mary Crain

Daniel and Christina Crane Fund of The Columbus Foundation

Tim and Ann Cranor
Darling International, Inc.
Dixon Management, Inc.
Terrell and Tad Dolbier
Dumac Business Systems, Inc.

Eastern Indiana Management Company, Inc.

Eddie Cheng Corporation
ELK Promotions, Inc.
Emerald Foods, Inc.
Cathy Etheridge
Juli Evans
Four Corner Hamburgers
Frosty Management
Christine Garvey

Gaspar and Christina Giordano
Golden Plain Farms, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Hanke Family Charitable Fund
The Harrelson Family Charitable Fund

Hazel-Wen, Inc. / Citistore, Inc. / Poco-Wen, Inc. / Valleystore

Dennis and Cathy Hecker
James and Deborah Huber
Huntington National Bank
Impact Ventures Corporation
International Franchise Association
John and Patty Inwright
Jeremy and Joy Jenkins
Jockey International, Inc.
JorCody Restaurants, Inc.
Dennis Kass
Gale Kerr
KNJ, Inc. / WCG Holdings, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Kourie
Logan Seven Foods, LLC
Luar Enterprises, Inc. / B & G, LLC
Robert and Suzanne Marsteller
Michigan Management Team, Inc.
Mid Cities Restaurant Corporation
Sean Niklas
Park 100 Foods, Inc.

The William Penn Foundation Special Gifts Program

Gunther and Meral Plosch
PNV Restaurants, Inc.
QSC Restaurants (NJ)
R.R. Donnelly
R.L. and Barbara Richards
Chad Richardson
Scaff’s, Inc. / Wen-One of Florida, Inc.
Mark Searle

S-Group Companies
Shore Morgan Young Wealth Strategies
Sugar Creek Packing Company
Sygma Network
Steven Taylor
Taylor Company
Wendy Thomas and Paul Morse
Trident Foods, Ltd.
Triwen West Haverstraw, LLC
Twin Coast Enterprises, Inc.
Vestco / Wendy’s of Lexington
Burchell and Esten Walker
Watermark Services, LLC
Anthony Weiner
Scott and Claudia Weisberg
We-Kan, Inc.
Wen-Alex, Inc.
Wenberg, Inc.
WenConn, Inc.
Wendcharles I, LLC
Wendclark Corporation
Wen-Den / R.C.D. / Tex-Mall Foods
Wendford, LLC
Wendgord Corporation
Wendhunt Corporation
Wendium of Florida, Inc.
Wendnoke Corporation
Wendpar, LLC
Wendraven, LLC
Wen-Lake Corporation
Wen-Robb, LLC
Wen-South Holdings, Inc.
Wenventure, Inc.
Richard Wilkinson
Art Winkleblack

Leaders ($1,000 – $4,999)

4D Foods
A&B Accounting Services (LJTM Group, Inc.)
Aberdeen Wendy’s Restaurant / RJR, Inc.
Julie and Scott Adams
Stephen and Sara Adams
Allelous Church
Michael Allen
Alston & Bird, LLP
Amazon Digital
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Express Charitable Fund
William Andersen
Apple, Inc.
Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom

Applied Predictive Technologies
Associated Restaurant Ventures, Inc.
Clarence Bailey
William and Linda Bainbridge
Bank of America
Beach Fire Beach Bar & Grille
Robert and Cynthia Beers
Mari and David Beswick
Big Red Wen, LLC
Ray and Kim Blackburn
BMI Federal Credit Union
Lauren Bokum Alaee
BoMar Foods, Inc.
Beau and Dorothy Boudreaux
Michael and Kerri Bourgeois

Vaughn Bowman
Boxcar Properties, LLC
Breckinridge Capital Advisors
Eden Bridgeman
Ryan Bridgeman
Kathleen Britt
The Tom and Sharon Brock Family Fund
Adam Brown and Adrienne Hancock-Brown
Kristen Brown
Laurie Calpin
Carobama Operating Company / Bunnell Operating Company
Eddie and Christine Chan
Mike Chaney
James and Lorraine Clauss
Coastal Ventures Company

Lathan H. and Erin Collins III
Carman Conforti
Consolidated Restaurants of California, Inc.
Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP
Brian Coordsen
Corbitt Partners / Brockway Partners / Iowa 80 Group
Ernest Corley
Richard and Cheri Cox
Colleen Craven
Randy and Bettye Crawford
Skip Cressman
Jill and Brad Crumbacher
Joe and Jennifer Curran
Custom Sign Center, Inc.
D & J Fast Food, LLC

Eric Daly
Jeffrey and Cynthia DeGroff
Robert and Eleanor Demple Family Foundation
Heather Denny
DSB Restaurant Group, LLC
Irene and Steven Edgett
Joshua and Bridget Eickmeier
Usama El-Sehrawey
Elliott Family Charity Fund
Lori and Steve Estrada
Jim Evans
Everbrite, LLC
William Ewing Foundation
F.G.T. Enterprises, Inc.

Fast Track Foods
Don Feinstein
David Ferguson
Scott and Maureen Fichten
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fifth Third Bank
Lynn Finley-Davis and Marvin O. Davis Fund
First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Wayne
Robert Fletcher Foundation Fund
Alan Fogg
Jim and Dolores Furman, Sr.
Gamma Sigma Sigma
Genesis Restaurant Group, LLC
GFWW Management / West-Rock Airmont, LLC
Karen and Ehsan Ghodsian

John Gilligan
Jonathan Girsch and William Krekling
Kristy Gonzalez
Great Lakes Cheese Company, Inc.
Gronbach Food Systems
Jennifer Grothe
The Grove, Inc.
Brion and Laura Grube
Laura and Brion Grube Charitable Fund
Amy and Greg Habing
Christopher and Kathy Haid
Jeffrey and Erin Hansbury
Chris Haynes
Bob and Laura Hegedus
Amy Henry

Hojeij Branded Foods, Inc.
John Holland
Hossel Group, Inc.
Reid and Lauren Hottel
E. Hynes Giving Fund
Robert and Tara Indresano
Intel Corporation
Lakshmi and Narayanan Iyher
Vincent and Krista Jacobs
Brian Jacoby
JBS Foods, Inc.
Jenoo Group, LLC
JIREH Management, LLC
Joshua, Inc.

JP Morgan Chase Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Brett and Jennifer Justice
April Kastner
Duane Knauer
John Kosin
Robert Krischon
William and Cynthia Lancaster
David and Bette Lauer
Leisure in Montana, Inc.
Joseph and Diane Levato
Matt and Therese Lewis
Thomas Lightbown
The Joyce Mack Foundation
Brendan and Cara Mahoney

Manna, Inc. of the Low Country / CBM Enterprises
Manzanita, LLC
Martin Family Foundation
Gary and Helen Master
Michelle Mathews
Terry Maxey
Rory McCarthy
Richard McClure
Katherine McDermott
McDonald Family Fund
Kathy and Jim McGinnis
McGraw-Hill Education Helping Hands Program
Frank Messmer
Microsoft Giving Campaign

Stephanie Milburn
Jerry Mitchell
Robert Mondillo
Amannda Monroe
Barbara and Tom Mulcahy
Anthony and Trina Multon
Matthew Mulvaney
Joel and Lindsay Nalley
Nam-Ho Development, LLC
Network for Good
Karen Neubert
New England Wendico, Inc.
New Wen, Inc.
Newly Weds Foods, Inc.
North American Resource Center for Child Welfare

The Robert and Joyce Oberkotter Family Foundation
Ohio Custodial Management
Olson Family Foundation
Dennis and Patty Osborne
Outloud, LLC
Oxford Watertower, Inc.
Michael and Lynnore Paine
Michael and Cynthia Palmisano
Panini Grill at Staten Island Ferry, Inc.
William Parks
Koy Patton
William Pearl
The Peirce Family Fund
Matthew Peltz
Penn-Forrest Foods, Inc.

Perimeter Foods, Inc.
John and Janice Peters
Eddie Phillips
Evan Phillips
Phillips 66 Matching Gift Program
Pirkey Barber, PLLC
Jeff and Maria Poe
Kyndall and David Potts
Nathan Pratt
David Price
Productivity Quality Systems, Inc.
Promar Corporation
Alan Pruitt
Quality Food Service, Inc.
Quality Supply Chain Co-Op, Inc.

Scott and Cheryl Quesinberry
R&G Charitable Fund
Christopher Radko
Bryan and Karen Ray
Rayan Enterprises
Restaurant Strategies Group, LLC
Carlos Ribas
Riley Contracting
Martin and Kathleen Roberts
Roberts Family Giving Fund
Maurice Robins
Cheri Roell
Marshal Root and Deborah Slocum
Ron and Diane Ross
Rowan Restaurants, Inc.

Martin and Juliette Runciman
S & J Lone Star Enterprises, LLC
Karen & Jay Shapiro Charitable Fund
Gregory and Roberta Scherzinger
Stefan Schmitz
John Schreurs
Stephanie and Joel Shaw
Dan and Tara Shook
Sierra Classic Foods, Inc.
Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari
Sylvia Skratek
SonShine Investments, Inc. / Wendy’s Big Four
Rita L. Soronen and Emmet Park
Squire Patton Boggs, LLP
Cherijo and Matt Starnes

Jeffrey Storrs
SynFiny Advisors
Camilla Thomason
Jeff and Rhonda Thornton
Stephen Tillinghast
Treasured Memories
Joseph J. and Cathy C. Turner
Vernon and Dianne Turner
Twinco, Inc.
Underhill & Hodge, LLC
United Way of Central Ohio
United Way of Long Island
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Vanderlande Industries, Inc.
Gail Venrick
Ver Helst Enterprises
Tracy Vineis
Vorsheck Family Foundation, Inc.
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, LLP
Edward and Maureen Vrona
VZone, LLC
Alok Wadhwani
Vikas Wali
John Wall
Wargo & French, LLP
Gavin and Ria Waugh
Weatherford, Inc.
Wenapex Limited Partnership

Wenco of Southern Utah, Inc. / ChaChing, Inc.
Wencoast Foods / Zenith Investments / Hill & Hill
Wendab Associates, LP
Wendallen, LLC
Wendavon, Inc.
Wendbing Corporation
Wendblythe, LLC
Wendbock Associates, LP
Wendco of Epsom, Inc.
Wendco of Maine, LLC
Wendco of New Hampshire, LLC
Wendessa Corporation
Wendfield Corporation
Wendkutt, Inc.
Wendolive, LLC

Wen-Dominion, LLC
Wendovis, LLC
Wendpenn Corporation
Wendquan, LLC
Wend-Rockies, Inc.
Wendtaz Corporation
Wendtwo, LP
Wendwil Corporation
Wendwise Corporation
Wendworth Associates, LP
Wendy’s Gordon Drive (Wenbo Management Company)
Wendy’s of Downtown, Inc.
Wendy’s Saber, Ltd.
Wendy’s South Sioux City (Wenbo Management Company)
WESCO Distribution, Inc.
Emily West

Robert and Martha Whittington
Wilcohess, LLC
Wildwood Beverage, Inc. / SSM Holding Company
Kirk Williams
Wisconsin Co-Op
WIT Group, Inc.
Michael and Carole Witte
WOF – Salinas, Inc.
Keith Wolken
Terry Wood
James R. and Carol Wright Fund
Wyandot, Inc.
Maria and John Young
YourCause, LLC
Z-Best Burgers, Inc.
Chuck and Bobbi Zimmerman