Wendy's Wonderful Kids Evaluation

When a rigorous five-year evaluation of the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program in the United States, which uses an evidence-based, child-focused recruitment model revealed that children served by this program are up to three times more likely to be adopted, the Foundation began scaling this program through a co-investment public/private partnership strategy.

In 2016, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services officially launched a three-year commitment to scale Wendy’s Wonderful Kids in Ontario, with 15 adoption recruiters funded by the government and eight recruiters funded by the Foundation in coordination with the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. Today, 25 Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters are finding adoptive homes for children across Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Adoption Attitudes Survey

The 2017 Canadian Adoption Attitudes Survey was commissioned by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to determine Canadians’ level of awareness and
knowledge, as well as attitudes and behavior toward adoption and foster care. The Foundation partnered with Nielsen to survey more than 1,007 Canadian adults. A similar survey was conducted in 2012.

To advance our vision that every child will have a permanent home and loving family, the Foundation is committed to understanding and addressing the myths and misconceptions surrounding foster care adoption in Canada.

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