Columbus Perspective: Rita Soronen, President & CEO

Posted on December 10, 2019

Rita Soronen, President & CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, joined host Dave James on the radio program, Columbus Perspective, to discuss how the Foundation is working to ensure every child waiting in foster care has a permanent home and a loving family.

“We have worked very hard at developing and promoting evidence-based programs that quickly and effectively move children out of foster care and into adoptive homes,” Rita shared. Listen to some Q&A from this interview to learn more about the Foundation’s mission and goals for impact.

Who is the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption?

Who can adopt?

How is the Foundation expanding the impact of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids®?

Why is child-focused recruitment up to 3x more effective at finding forever families for children in foster care?

Listen to the full conversation:


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