How Fifth Third Bank Helped Deneen Become A Parent

Posted on July 8, 2024

Deneen and her husband, David, dreamed of starting a family of their own. With the support of Deneen’s employer, Firth Third Bank, adoption became a possibility for the couple. 

When Deneen and David adopted their daughter, Fifth Third Bank’s adoption reimbursement benefit helped cover their legal costs and agency fees.

But Deneen and David’s adoption journey was not over yet. 

Six years after adopting her daughter, Deneen received a phone call about a newborn boy who needed a permanent family. After discussing the opportunity together, Deneen and David consulted with their daughter. 

“She was so excited to get a brother,” said Deneen. 

The next day, the family chose a name and bought a new car seat before bringing their son home. 

Benefits such as adoption reimbursement, parental bonding leave and the Fifth Third Maternity Concierge provided Deneen with smooth transitions during each adoption process. 

Congratulations, Fifth Third Bank, for being recognized as a 2024 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace and helping to make Deneen’s story possible.

You can start the adoption and foster care benefits conversation in your organization by downloading the Foundation’s free Adoption-Friendly Workplace toolkit. For organizations already offering these benefits, register to participate in our annual survey. 

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