Flip the script

Posted on January 10, 2015

Our friends Bryan and Angela Tucker are adoption advocates with whom we connected last year during the release of their film Closure. Closure encompasses Angela’s story of getting adopted from foster care and her journey of reconnecting with her birth family. As she recognizes National Adoption Month, Angela is participating in #flipthescript, a campaign supported by The Lost Daughters, a coalition of adult adoptees wanting to speak and be heard. Often, the National Adoption Month conversation solely focuses on celebrating with youth who are united with their forever families, and sharing the sentiment of new parents. Flip the script urges us to also look to the input of adult adoptees; to recognize their journey, celebrate their experiences, and value their voice.

The short #flipthescript video highlights 8 women who share their personal experiences of living as adoptees. These women address issues within the community that are not always discussed openly, such as receiving comments like, “Aren’t you lucky…?” and re-identifying with their birth families as adults. Much like articles that advise ‘Things not to say to adoptive parents or children,’ these women explain why some comments are not well-received as an adoptee. Their voices open us up to a mature perspective of how adoption affects adoptees throughout their lives, far beyond the finalization day.

“Flip the script means… it’s okay to have these feelings [as an adult adoptee].” –Rosita // @mothermade

These adult adoptees feel that others in the adoption conversation are sometimes fearful of their voice because living the process has given them complex opinions about the larger topic. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption would like to honor The Lost Daughters for sharing their thoughts and feelings. As a member of the National Adoption Day coalition, we value their stories and input as we also value the celebration of new families formed by foster care adoption. All children deserve a family and a home, so they can grow into strong adults with a voice.

To view the #flipthescript conversation, click here.


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