Our hearts are full of gratitude.

Your generosity and giving spirit allows us to do important work.

Recognition for our Family of Donors

Thank you for believing and investing in the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Your gift each year* helps the Foundation provide free educational resources, promote awareness, assist policymakers, educate employers and support adoption professionals and agencies throughout the United States and Canada to ensure that every child is adopted.

The children waiting in foster care for loving, permanent families deserve our best efforts and we can’t thank you enough for the successes you have allowed us to achieve. In appreciation of your generosity, we welcome you into our Family of Donors and we recognize your distinct level of support.


*Foundation donations are calculated on a fiscal year of July 1- June 30, 2017.

Founders ($10M+)

Blue Meridian Partners

Visionaries ($1M-5M)

Bridgeman Foods, Inc.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

The Wendy’s Company

Champions ($500,000-1M)

Briad Wenco, LLC

Muy Hamburger Partners, LLC

NPC Quality Burgers, Inc.

Wendy’s National Advertising Program, Inc.

Benefactors ($250,000-500,000)

Haza Foods, LLC

J.A. International

JAEA Restaurant Holdings, LLC

Kentucky Department of Community Based Services

Richard and Jodie Fox

Starboard Group

Tar Heel Capital / FFC Limited Partnership

Tournaments for Charity

Wen South, LLC / Meridian Hospitality Group


Wendy’s Advertising Fund , Inc. (NY DMA Co-Op)

Role Models ($100,000-250,000)

All-Star Management, Inc.

Barco Uniforms, Inc.

Calhoun Management Corporation

Carolina Restaurant Group

Colorado Department of Human Services

DavCo Restaurants, Inc.

Donna J. Gustafson Trust

FourCrown, Inc.

Hamra Management Company, LLC

James Annenberg La Vea Charitable Foundation

LDF Food Group

Parco, Ltd.

Pennant Foods Corporation

Starboard Group Foundation, Inc.

State of Georgia

Thomas 5 Limited

Utah Department of Child and Family Services

Wendelta, Inc. / Carlisle Corporation

Wendy’s of Bowling Green, Inc.

Wendy’s of Colorado Springs, Inc.

Wendy’s of Philadelphia ADI Co-Op

Western Reserve Restaurant Management, Inc.

Foundation Giving Levels