Giving chances

Posted on September 8, 2015

Most of us are familiar with the movie, “The Blind Side,” which showed a family who gave a homeless teen a chance to belong; most of us also know what a positive impact that chance to be a part of a family had on that teen’s life. If he had not been given that chance, he may have become yet another statistic. Sadly, there are many children in foster care who need a chance like that.

These kids, OUR KIDS, don’t ask to be alone or homeless. They long for a permanent place to call home, and simply, to belong.  We all have a responsibility to embrace them and love them. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has given more than 4,900 children the gift of this chance.

Over the past 11 years, we have experienced the joy of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids at Wendy’s conventions, update meetings, 3 Tour, and many more events. We have witnessed partners in business become partners in something bigger and more important. We have watched with awe as these business partners give up something they value greatly, in exchange for something they value even more.

AO Auctions wants to do our part to give these kids a chance. We are privileged and excited to be a partner with The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. As AO Auctions grows and expands outside of Ohio and Florida in a new franchise model for the auction marketplace, our goal is to tell Dave’s story in every community we enter.  Our franchises, our sellers, and our customers will be a part of Dave’s story too.

We are hosting our first Customer Appreciation Grand Opening in Columbus, Ohio on October 31, 2015 at the Little Turtle Country Club and we will be supporting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Grab the family and join us! You will experience a better way to make a difference in our community. We will give the gift of a chance at a full and healthy life for countless children. Funds raised will help place children into loving and safe families. Our investment in their lives makes a difference, and yields satisfaction and fulfillment unlike any other investment.

All children deserve the same chance.

-Chris Davis, owner
AO Auctions