Our favorite Foundation milestones – Part 1, or, how to make a CEO cry in 2 minutes

Posted on January 16, 2013

By Rita Soronen
President and CEO

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is 21 years old, and what a journey it has been. So much has happened during those two decades, but we have a lot more work to do.

During the 12 years I have been privileged to lead this organization, many memorable moments stand out.  Perhaps none more than the day I previewed the video we created in the fall of 2011 to help us launch the Unadoptable is Unacceptable movement. It served as a backdrop to scaling our child-focused recruitment program, after the results of a five-year research study showed that children are up to three times more likely to be adopted when served by this program. Wait … what? We need to tell the world!

Working under a tight deadline with our exceptionally creative partners at GMMB, the first draft just didn’t quite accomplish what we wanted — to move a viewer to stand up and demand, “All children waiting to be adopted must be adopted – now! No more excuses, no more delays!”

But then very quickly, we received a second version.  A simple three-minute video with only graphics and music. and it made me cry. I watched it a second and a third time and realized that this was exactly what the Foundation needed to open America’s heart to help every child find a family of their own.

I have watched the video literally thousands of times over the past 16 months, and each time, it moves me to tears.

Please watch, even if you have already seen it. Then let me know how you can help us. There are so many children waiting for us to do the right thing and keep our promise. The promise of family. The promise of home.

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