Our favorite Foundation milestones – Part 3

Posted on February 6, 2013

By Robin Campbell
Senior Director of Corporate Relations

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Change a child’s life – in so many ways.

In November 2004, during National Adoption Month, Wendy’s restaurants offered the first system-wide canister program to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. That month, every Wendy’s restaurant received two coin canisters to display on their counters for one month.

We were astounded at the fundraising result: $44,041.

And then, feedback from the operators indicated Wendy’s customers would be willing to support the program even longer.

So in 2005, we again provided two canisters to every restaurant. The canisters remained on the counter during November and December to recognize National Adoption Month and capture the spirit of the giving season. The fundraising result: $1,028,180 in holiday donations.

No more testing! It was time to launch.

In 2006, the Wendy’s executive team gave its blessing that coin canisters could remain on Wendy’s counters all year long to support the foundation that Dave Thomas founded. It was a huge milestone for us and a profound step in deepening the relationship between Wendy’s restaurants and our work.

Since that first little plastic box was placed on the restaurants’ front counters, Wendy’s and their customers have raised more than $20 million. It is, by far, the biggest fundraiser for this organization and 100 percent of the funds are dedicated to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids child-focused recruitment programs across the United States and Canada.

This simple fundraiser provides not only a way for us to help find homes for children in foster care, but a chance for everyone to donate to a great cause.

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