Podcast: Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Adoption Professionals Foster Hope During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on September 1, 2020

Adoption professionals — Chelsey of Utah, Shantell of New York and Tasha of Indiana — recently joined actress, singer and foster care adoption advocate, Jen Lilley, on the Fostering Hope podcast. They talked about the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® program and shared how COVID-19 is impacting children waiting to be adopted from foster care.

While the way Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption professionals work has changed during the pandemic, we have been so inspired by how they have continued to stay connected and advocate for youth in their care.

Enjoy some highlights from their conversation below.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the way Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters work?

“Everybody started getting really creative in the ways that they work with their youth,” Chelsey reflects. “They may not have been able to see them in person, but I had recruiters coming up with the coolest things to engage with their youth and support families through this really difficult time. It’s been amazing to watch.”

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How can you help children in foster care?

“If you have family members that are part of the foster care system, reach out to see where you can fit in. A lot of our children are missing that link,” says Shantell. “What I find with a lot of the youth I work with is that they’re gaining momentum in their life, gaining confidence, they’re doing better in other areas of their life just by working in the program and having these outlets and being able to start understanding their life story.”

Tasha added, “We need foster parents, and we need mentors. We don’t have enough positive role models who are not social workers. Children in foster care need someone who will come alongside them and mentor them and be a guide for them, too.”

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