Forming Unbreakable Bonds Toward Hope and Healing: Preston’s Story

Posted on June 26, 2024

South Carolina — Preston was placed in foster care after experiencing abuse as his biological mother struggled with substance use. After being in foster care for a short time, he was adopted by a family in Nebraska who moved to South Carolina.  

Sadly, the trauma that Preston had experienced led to behaviors that his first adoptive family could not handle. That is when Preston was placed back in foster care.

For the next five years, Preston moved in and out of 12 foster homes.

Fortunately, Preston was referred to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program and met his recruiter, Cadeidra from Growing Homes Southeast.

Preston did not think having a permanent family was possible for him, but those feelings began to change after Melissa and David became his foster parents. He started to see himself being a part of the family.

“I really like hanging out with Missy and Dave,” said Preston. “I really do believe that they are a perfect fit for me.”  

Although Preston, Melissa and David knew early on they were meant to be a family, it was not always easy. For a time, Preston needed to be placed in a therapeutic home to work through the trauma he experienced and focus on his mental health. During his time there, Preston spoke to Melissa and David every day. The couple kept his room ready, a sign of their love and commitment. When Cadeidra visited Preston, she quickly recognized the bond the family had formed and knew they were meant to be together. 

“When I would see him, he still referred to them as mom and dad,” explained Cadeidra. “He didn’t even take all of his things when he left. In his head, he’s like ‘I want to go back. That’s where I want to be.’”

David, Preston (adopted at 15) and Melissa

Cadeidra made sure Preston was supported by a therapist and a behavior modification coach. Shortly after, he was able to move back in with Melissa and David. 

“I told him from the beginning that I wouldn’t give up on him,” shared David. “I think he’s a great kid. He really is.”  

Preston feels thankful for his Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter and everyone who supported him along the way.   

“Everyone that did help me, helped me a lot, and I never thought I would get to this point,” said Preston. “On adoption day, I was like ‘It’s actually going to be permanent.’” 

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