Supporter Spotlight: Sean Niklas

Posted on February 21, 2019

Sean Niklas is President of Saren Restaurants, Inc., a Wendy’s franchisee in Chicago, IL. Adopted as a newborn, he has committed his life to giving back through his restaurants and as a longtime supporter of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

By Sean Niklas

My life truly began five days after I was brought into the world. My birthmother decided she couldn’t care for me the way she believed a mother should care for her child. But, unlike so many other children, I was fortunate to be adopted by a forever family. Those incredible people also happened to be employees of The Wendy’s® Company.

Sean Niklas (center) with his family

I have always been surrounded by Wendy’s people who have a deep passion for finding forever homes for children in foster care through the work of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. I heard first-hand stories about Dave Thomas through my dad. It was always clear to me what Dave stood for — he had a fiery passion for being the best in the hamburger business and, through his own life experience, an arguably deeper passion for achieving the vision that every child will have a permanent home and loving family.

It’s the mission of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, the spirit of our nation and our civic duty to ensure children waiting in foster care have a home to call their own and unconditional love as the unique, precious and valuable individuals that they are.

I’ve been blessed with so many privileges. Though I’ve never met my birthmother, I’m forever grateful to her for bringing me into this world, for making one of the toughest decisions a mother could make, and for allowing my parents the opportunity to raise me as a child of their own. It’s because of these privileges that I get out of bed every day. I work hard to give back to my employees, to my customers and to the Foundation in ways that makes the lives of the people with whom I interact better.

Thank you, Sean Niklas, for your generous support and commitment to advancing the Foundation’s mission.

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