Thank you, Noah Fredenberg

Posted on August 5, 2019

Pictured center: Noah Fredenberg completes his run at Rockaway Beach, New York

Noah Fredenberg ran from Los Angeles to New York to raise money for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and awareness of the more than 123,000 children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States.

After 121 days and nearly 3,200 miles running through rain, snow and extreme heat, Noah completed his journey on August 14.

“Children in foster care need support,” Noah said. “Kids who grow up with consistency and love can take on their lives with passion and confidence.”

“My hope is that we all go into our lives with passion, charging forward into the unknown hoping and believing for the best. Maybe the first mile of the journey will be tough. Chances are your vision of who, where, and what you want to be will seem thousands of miles away at some point, but just so you know, I believe in you.”

Noah spoke to CNN’s Headline News about his passion for improving the lives of children in foster care. Watch below.

A Shared Passion for Running

During his stop at the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in Columbus, Noah met Dee Marks and her son, CJ, who was adopted through the Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program at age 9. Now 16, CJ has grown dramatically and shares Noah’s love for running as a member of the high school track and cross country teams. Read CJ’s story

Thank you, Noah! You have inspired so many people on your journey and shown how one person can make a lifetime of impact for children in foster care who need our help the most.


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