These Children are Our Responsibility

Posted on August 2, 2016


Our children are our responsibility, and I do not take this role lightly. I believe passionately and firmly that our children are all adoptable.

I am one of 11 Wendy’s Wonderful Kid’s recruiters for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption- Canada. The support and guidance from the Foundation has been my key area of inspiration to push the boundaries further and to become a champion for all children in government care. The base of my practice is to aspire to be a motivator, an educator and to simply help our children thrive by being their Wendy’s Wonderful Kid’s recruiter and friend. Adoption success is so much more than my role; it is about embracing our community to work together for our children.

I have seen the power of a family, the changes that take place in children from the simple things; the morning light shining on their pillow, the familiar smells and sounds of the ones who love them and a good night wish. These things are what I see our children need. Families help our children heal and grow. There is immense strength in little successes. I believe in small, but powerful steps and I passionately believe that one Wendy’s Wonderful Kid’s recruiter with the strength of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, can make a huge difference, one child at a time, one family at a time and one community at a time.

More and more families are starting to discover how amazing our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids children are. These families are realizing the strengths they have to parent children who may be older or who have experienced more trauma and loss.

One of my biggest struggles as the Wendy’s Wonderful Kid’s recruiter was also one of my biggest successes. I was recruiting for a young boy, Charlie, who had been living in the same foster home for many years, but we were unable to make his foster home a forever home. I followed the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids child-focused recruitment model, which led me to assess families across Ontario, which has a population of 13.6 million people! With the strength, commitment and passion of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption behind and within me, I found a forever family for our Charlie after eight years of child-focused recruitment. I am so proud to say that Charlie’s adoption was finalized last summer at the young age of 16! At the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption we never give up!

Our children deserve happiness, and through kindness and understanding they will blossom. I feel humbled every day to be part of our children’s lives and to help build families through the strength given to me by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Darcy Thachuk is a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter and works each day to find forever families for children in foster care at the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society in Windsor, Ontario.