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Donate Your Birthday

The Foundation is eternally grateful for our community of generous supporters, like you.

Looking for ways to make a bigger impact to help the longest-waiting youth in foster care? Consider starting a fundraiser in celebration of a birthday.

Every child deserves to celebrate birthdays and life’s moments with a loving, forever family. You can help.


It was my Sweet 16. It was my first birthday I felt settled. I used to hate my birthday, as every year I got older meant I was less likely to get adopted. I was able to really enjoy my birthday for the first time.

– Rhianna, adopted at 17

When you’re adopted, even just having (a birthday) and experiencing it … getting a cake and some presents and having family and friends around … because they love you … that’s something you get to do now.

– Zach, adopted at 11

Host a Fundraiser

We are so grateful for the Foundation’s generous community of supporters.

Would you like to make a greater impact? Consider starting a fundraiser for a special event, in honor or memory of a loved one or just because you care about the Foundation’s mission!

  • Personalize your fundraiser by sharing your story and why you support the Foundation.
  • Invite family, friends and others to join!

We welcome fundraised gifts through Facebook.

Whether you raise $100 or $1,000, every dollar will help in finding permanent, loving homes for children in foster care who are too often overlooked, including teens, children with special needs and siblings.


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