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The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption wants to tell your foster care adoption story. If you adopted or were adopted from foster care, let us know how that experience has touched your life. We will contact you if we decide to share your story on our website, social media or other channels.

Thank you for supporting the Foundation’s commitment to finding forever families for children in foster care.

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“On Olivia’s adoption day, you could not wipe the smile off of her face. She’d been promised adoption a couple times previously, but it hadn’t worked out. This time it was for real. She came home with us to her very own room and wanted to immediately hang her new initials on the wall. She changed not only her last name with her adoption, but her first name as well. She felt like a whole new person.” – Lorie Hargis


“Raychelle has a bag of things that she cherishes, like some crayons and a puzzle. Before her adoption day, she was never without it, and got really upset if anyone tried to take it from her. But after her adoption, Raychelle started leaving the bag in her room. She finally felt safe enough to let her guard down and trust that her bag would be there waiting for her. That’s when I knew she really understood we were her forever family.” – Laverne Moore-Jenkins


“When CJ joined us, he was pretty small. For his first three years here, he didn’t grow much at all. I was starting to get a little worried. But then, once his behavior was really improved and he felt safe, he grew. I’m so delighted with how he’s thriving. At our last track meet, CJ ran the mile. And even though he was at least a lap behind the other racers, everyone in the stands and on the team was cheering for him. ‘Go CJ!’ That’s exactly what life is supposed to be about: cheering for the people who are trying their hardest.”– Dee Marks

Kota & Steven

“Our kids needed three things: a forever family that would never give up on them, no matter the issue; love; and a second chance. Without the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters, we would have never found Kota or Steven. They would not have been able to grow and be part of a family that gives them that chance, that love and that security.” – Chris Mace