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Make a Donation

Every dollar that comes into the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada makes a lifetime of impact for children waiting in foster care. More than 30,000 children are waiting to be adopted from foster care in Canada.

Your donation to the Foundation will help sustain our work to raise awareness about the urgent need for foster care adoption, provide free educational resources for families exploring adoption and support the expansion of our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® program.

Donate to make a lifetime of impact today.


Make a One-Time Gift


By becoming a monthly donor today, you’re ensuring that the Foundation can sustain our work of finding forever families for the longest-waiting children in foster care for years to come.


Give Monthly


Plan an Event

We deeply appreciate your interest in planning a special event to support the Foundation’s mission. Your efforts help us make sure that every child waiting to be adopted from foster care has the security and support of a permanent home.

There are several ways to support our mission by planning an event:

  • Donate auction/raffle items for a Foundation event
  • Plan a promotional event with a local store or restaurant
  • Invite your workplace or the community to participate in a giving challenge, social event or sports outing

While anyone is encouraged to donate to the Foundation at any time, officially associating the organization with special events or promotions requires submission of an application form and formal approval. Download our event guide and application, apply below and get started with planning your event. The Foundation is eternally grateful for your support.


Plan an Event