At the heart of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s work is the belief that justice and the right to be free of fear and harm must be equally applied to all children.

Racism and hate can have no home in our hearts

The Foundation emphatically denounces racism and the hate that persists in our societies today against racial, ethnic and religious groups. We condemn not only recent acts of violence, hateful rhetoric and bullying but also the long-standing discrimination and inequities that continue to impact our communities.

The Foundation is steadfast in our commitment to advocate for policies that end structural racism; address the overrepresentation of Black, Brown, American Indian/Alaska Native, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ children and children of poverty in North America’s foster care systems; and promote equitable opportunities for every child.

We believe in equal access to services

Denial of access to services based on sexual orientation, gender identity or religion, for either children in care or the families who step forward to assist them, can never be in the best interest of our communities. Further, when public funding is accepted by the agencies who complete this work, equal access to services must be guaranteed to all. Grantees of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption are required to sign a non-discrimination statement in order to qualify for or continue to receive funding.

We support all children

The Foundation believes that all children and youth deserve loving, forever families. This belief does not change based on a child’s age, race, religious affiliation, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical disability, economic status or any other characteristic.

We support all families

The Foundation supports any foster or adoptive family ― regardless of parent structure, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, race or religious affiliation ― that is the right fit for the child and can provide a safe, permanent home.

Children belong with family

It is crucial to address the root causes of abuse and neglect to prevent children from being separated from their families and entering the foster care system in the first place. This involves tackling issues, such as family violence, social isolation, systemic racism, substance misuse, homelessness and poverty. Providing non-judgmental supportive systems and networks, assuring seamless access to family-specific services, and mitigating financial barriers are essential in empowering families to succeed and preventing the need for foster care placement. When that option is removed because of a permanent legal termination of parental rights, though, we must do everything with an unrelenting sense of urgency in response to a system that too often causes additional harm to ensure that youth do not linger in or leave the foster care system at age 18 or 21 without the security and support of a legal permanent family.

Similarly, the Foundation grieves for each and every child who is subjected to the extreme emotional trauma of family separation at our nation’s border and for those who arrive unaccompanied by an adult. We renounce any policy that allows for the continuation of this practice or fails to address the systemic issues resulting in the inhumane treatment of these children.

We must work together to create a thriving future that is a basic human right of every child — one that upholds and celebrates the joy, hope and promise of childhood and ensures justice and equality for all.

— Rita Soronen, President & CEO, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada