Adoption-Friendly Workplace

More than 25 years ago, Dave Thomas led an initiative advocating for better adoption benefits in the workplace, because to him, it was just “the right thing to do.” The Foundation is carrying that legacy forward through its Adoption-Friendly Workplace program and 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace list, which recognizes organizations that are striving to make adoption a supported option for every working parent. The list compares financial reimbursement and paid leave offered to employees who adopt, based on a survey of organizations across the United States. The Foundation partners with RTI International, an independent, nonprofit research institute, to conduct the annual survey.

The 2020 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace survey opens in May.

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Spotlight: New York Life

“I would not be a mother today without New York Life, and the adoption benefits the company provides to its employees,” shared Brooke Pinson, a senior associate at New York Life Insurance Company.

Because of New York Life’s paid leave policy for adoptive parents, Brooke was able to take time off of work on short notice to care for her sons, Elijah and David, who were placed in foster care as infants. “Watching them grow and overcome the obstacles of their birth situations has been the greatest gift I could have ever received, and it is only possible because of the supportive company I work for.”