Donate Your Birthday

The Foundation is eternally grateful for our community of generous supporters, like you.

Looking for ways to make a bigger impact to help young people waiting in foster care? Consider starting a fundraiser in celebration of a birthday.

Every child deserves to celebrate birthdays and life’s moments with a loving, forever family. You can help.


It was my Sweet 16. It was my first birthday I felt settled. I used to hate my birthday, as every year I got older meant I was less likely to get adopted. I was able to really enjoy my birthday for the first time.

– Rhianna, adopted at 17

When you’re adopted, even just having (a birthday) and experiencing it … getting a cake and some presents and having family and friends around … because they love you … that’s something you get to do now.

– Zach, adopted at 11

Host a Fundraiser

We are so grateful for the Foundation’s generous community of supporters.

Would you like to make a greater impact? Consider starting a fundraiser for a special event, in honor or memory of a loved one or just because you care about the Foundation’s mission!

  • Personalize your fundraiser by sharing your story and why you support the Foundation.
  • Invite family, friends and others to join!

We welcome fundraised gifts through GoFundMe Charity™ and Facebook.

Whether you raise $100 or $1,000, every dollar will help in finding permanent, loving homes for children in foster care who are often overlooked, including teens, children with special needs and siblings.


Host a Facebook FundraiserHost a GoFundMe Charity Fundraiser


Plan an Event

We deeply appreciate your interest in planning a special event to support the Foundation’s mission. Your efforts help us make sure that every child waiting to be adopted from foster care has the security and support of a permanent home.

There are several ways to support our mission by planning an event:

  • Donate auction/raffle items for a Foundation event
  • Plan a promotional event with a local store or restaurant
  • Invite your workplace or the community to participate in a giving challenge, social event or sports outing

Planning a team-based event? Invite groups to register and submit donations directly through the Foundation’s GoFundMe Charity site.

While anyone is encouraged to donate to the Foundation at any time, officially associating the organization with special events or promotions requires submission of an application form and formal approval. Download our event guide and application, apply below and get started with planning your event. If you have questions, please contact Alison Fournier, Director, Events at or 614-764-8445. The Foundation is eternally grateful for your support.


Plan an Event