Pack Care Kits

Children in foster care frequently move from home to home with nothing but a small bag in which to carry their belongings. As a result, they often lack the necessary hygiene items to care for themselves.

Show your support for young people lingering in the system by packing Care Kits, including necessities like deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste. This opportunity is best served by organizations looking for a team-building activity that makes a difference. However, anyone can participate.

Kit Contents: one toiletry bag and a list of suggested travel-sized items to donate.

Cost: $7 per kit, plus shipping. Orders are not tax deductible.

Please fill the bags with items on the list provided and return to the Foundation. We will distribute fully assembled kits nationwide to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® recruiters for children on their caseloads who need them most.

Thank you for purchasing as many Care Kits as you and/or your group can fill.

Questions? Contact Director, Events, Alison Fournier at 614-764-8445 or


Order Care Kits