Perceptions About Achieving Permanency for Children in Foster Care: Research Summary

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption commissioned The Harris Poll to gain an understanding of child welfare professionals’ perspectives about achieving legal permanency for children waiting to be adopted from foster care.

In February 2022, we surveyed 872 child welfare professionals, representing diverse job roles and all regions of the United States. Then, in August 2022, we conducted in-depth interviews with 20 survey participants representing each job role to explore barriers and successful strategies in more detail. View a summary of these research findings compiled by The Harris Poll.

872 Child Welfare Professionals Surveyed

Percentage Breakdown by Job Role


Informed by this research, the Foundation is working to raise awareness and support among child welfare professionals for the importance of achieving legal permanency for ALL children lingering in foster care and the belief that every child is adoptable.

We also seek to develop compelling content and resources that inform child welfare professionals about best practices and recognize the impact of their life-changing work.