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Recognizing the needs of adoptive parents, and for equity among all employees forming families, many employers establish adoption benefits. These include financial reimbursement, paid leave or providing unpaid leave beyond the requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2022 Employee Benefits Survey, 28% of employers provide paid adoption leave and 22% provide paid foster child leave.


Employers are increasingly offering adoption benefits to:

Strengthen employee loyalty, retention, goodwill and productivity.

Gain a competitive edge in recruiting new employees.

Enhance the organization’s family-friendly image.

Recognize the need to support adoptive and biological parents.

Give employees time to bond with their children.

Make adoption more affordable.

Help move children from foster care to loving, permanent homes.

Use this sample adoption benefits proposal to make the case that offering adoption benefits at your organization is the right thing to do.

Help make your organization an adoption-friendly workplace

Download Sample Proposal