National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day is a grassroots U.S. effort, founded by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, The Alliance for Children's Rights, Children's Action Network and the Freddie Mac Foundation.

Each year, the goal of this day is to raise awareness of the more than 117,000 children in U.S. foster care waiting to be adopted, and to finalize adoptions across the country. This annual, one-day event has made the dreams of thousands of children come true by working with U.S. policymakers, practitioners and advocates to finalize adoptions and create and celebrate adoptive families.

In total, National Adoption Day has helped nearly 70,000 children in the United States move from foster care to a forever family. Communities across the country celebrate on or around the Saturday before every Thanksgiving. In 2017, nearly 5,000 children were adopted by their forever families during the National Adoption Day celebrations in 410 cities across the United States.


Saturday, November 17, 2018.

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