Maximizing Benefits: How American Express is Helping Employees Build their Families Through Adoption

Posted on September 22, 2023

When Erin first felt she was ready to start a family, she knew it was time to begin her adoption journey. As and employee at American Express, she was confident she could count on her company’s benefits to help ensure a smooth adoption process. 

Erin with her son

“American Express is proud to be recognized by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption [as an Adoption-Friendly Workplace],” said Tammy Yee, Vice President of Global Benefits. “Considering all that our colleagues have had to navigate throughout the pandemic, we are even more inspired to build on the progress we made by continuing to provide them best-in-class parental benefits that support their well-being and their families.”  

After receiving her adoption certification and completing the requirements, Erin waited a little more than a year before getting the call that her dreams of starting a family would be coming true. In 2018, Erin connected with her son’s birth mother and started preparations to be present during his birth.

Holding her baby boy in her arms for the first time is a moment Erin vividly remembers and will cherish forever. Shortly after that special moment, Erin found out her son required an extended stay at the NICU, one that she was not financially expecting.

“Thanks to the American Express employee adoption benefits, the financial stress was taken away because they helped cover the cost of the extended hotel stay and legal fees,” said Erin. 

Thank you to organizations, like American Express, who make adoption a supported option to their employees. To learn more about how your organization can become an adoption-friendly workplace, visit   

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