The Power of Adoption Benefits at Bank of America: Felicia’s Story

Posted on November 27, 2023

Felicia, an executive in the Expansion Markets Division at Bank of America, started her adoption journey almost six years ago. She and her partner, Ruth, had contemplated adoption for several years but had never found the right time. Everything changed when they were introduced to three sisters who had been placed in the care of Ruth’s family.  

Felicia vividly remembers feeling an instant connection when she met the girls, and a friendship was quickly formed. For the next three years, Felicia and Ruth regularly visited the siblings and even celebrated the holidays together, strengthening their bond as the time passed. In 2020, the couple officially became foster parents to the siblings.  

From the beginning, Felicia knew they were meant to be a family, and in 2023 they made it official. The family chose August 16th as their adoption day, in recognition of Felicia’s moms’ birthday and now, their “family’s birthday.”  

Felicia, Ruth and their daughters.

Throughout the adoption process, Felicia turned to her employer for support. Bank of America offers a Family Planning Reimbursement Program, which covered a large portion of legal fees associated with the siblings’ adoption.  

“An important part of Bank of America’s commitment to be a Great Place to Work is providing benefits and resources that support our employees during moments that matter, like becoming a parent,” said Kate Phillips, Head of Global Benefits. “We recognize that families form in different ways and provide our U.S. employees with flexibility to choose reimbursement for eligible adoption, fertility and/or surrogacy expenses.” 

Beyond the financial assistance, the encouragement and support from her colleagues meant the world to Felicia.

“I have never felt as loved as I have the past few months,” said Felicia. “I’ve received personal notes. A colleague even sent me three blankets she made with the girls’ names embroidered on them. It has been such a warm experience.” 

Congratulations, Bank of America, for being recognized as a 2023 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace! Thank you for your commitment to making adoption a supported option. Ready to help elevate your employer’s benefits? The Foundation’s free Adoption-Friendly Workplace employer toolkit is filled with resources to help.  

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