How Fatherhood Can Change A Life

Posted on June 1, 2024

From teaching their child how to ride a bike, to cheering them on in school activities, to sharing favorite hobbies, there is nothing like the heartwarming bond between a father and their child.

Read some of the ways fatherhood has made an impact on the lives of Ken, Jamar, Brian, James and Geffrey, all of whom adopted their children with help from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption:

Pictured: Ken, Samantha and Aaryn

Having experienced the loss of his son, Ken felt led to adopt a child waiting for a family.

“In my son’s memory, I could dedicate my time and help somebody else that could benefit from feeling love and stuff that I still had left over that I didn’t give my boy,” said Ken. 

Ken and his wife, Aaryn, met Samantha through a family friend and adopted her from foster care at age 14.

“We both look at all these kids around the world that don’t benefit from having whole families, or coming through trauma, or horrendous situations,” said Ken. “I knew that if she was in our house, under our care, that we would lay down our lives to make sure that she’s safe.”

Pictured: Jamar, Niyah and Elias

Jamar, adopted Niyah and Elias 

For Jamar, who grew up without a father, being a dad to Niyah and Elias has transformed his life for the better.  

“Adoption has changed me, empowered me and made me a better man,” said Jamar. 

Today, Jamar knows that even though his children may have had a rough start, they will finish strong … together. 

Pictured: Brian and Tonya

Brian, adopted Tonya

Tonya was adopted by Brian and Kimberly after waiting six years in foster care for a permanent family. With her parents by her side, she has thrived in high school, regularly making the honor roll, running on the cross country team, participating in several clubs and pursuing a modeling career.

And even as Tonya gets older, one of her favorite activities continues to be playing mini golf with her dad. 

“The day it became official, I was happy that she didn’t have to worry anymore,” said Brian. “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, (I knew) she was going to be in our home.” 

Pictured: Conner and James

James, adopted Conner

James was adopted from foster care at a young age, so he understands more than most how a permanent family can change the life of a child lingering in foster care. He and his wife, Jayme, welcomed Conner to their family with open hearts.  

“Because of my personal experience, adoption was an early conversation for us,” said James. “It just so happens that Conner was the first child we met through the process. It felt like the perfect fit for our family … and the perfect fit for Conner. It’s honestly like he was supposed to be with us.” 

Conner aspires to attend college and earn a master’s degree so that he can design and build cars, a dream that manifested from a special hobby he shares with his dad. 

Pictured: Willie and Geffrey

Geffrey, adopted Willie

After being adopted by Stefanie and Geffrey, Willie is thriving and experiencing many firsts with his family, including spending time golfing with his dad. 

“I think the first, is actually, teaching him how to play golf,” said Geffrey. “That was the one thing we first did together that, kind of, showed that father and son bond, right there.” 

Every child deserves to experience special moments with a safe, loving and permanent family. Discover ways you can get involved with the Foundation’s mission, from packing Care Kits for children lingering in foster care to sending thank you notes to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption professionals.  

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