Special Moments with Mom

Posted on May 2, 2024

Having the support of a loving, forever family means everything to youth who once lingered in foster care. Read reflections from children served by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program and their moms.

Pictured: Emilie, Harlow (sister) and Merriah.

Merriah (adopted at 14) 

“It sounds cliche, but probably the best mother that I could ever ask for because I’ve had a lot of examples on a lot of different mothers in my past, but none of them do for me and love for me the way that she does,” said Merriah. 

Pictured: Kim and Zach

Zach (adopted at 11) and his mom Kim 

“I will find any excuse to call my mom at any time I can,” said Zach. “It’s just nice to talk to her. She is my best friend.”

“I think we’ve given Zach a home, stability, someone that’s going to be there for him no matter what,” said Kim. 

Pictured: Robbin, Dalton and Dawson

Dawson (adopted at 7) and his mom Robbin

“My mom, she’s super nice,” said Dawson. “We love doing the holidays together and decorating together. Even if it’s stuff I don’t enjoy doing myself, I enjoy doing it with her.”

“I could not possibly love my sons more. They are truly the greatest most wonderful gift I was given. They will always know they were wanted and are loved beyond measure,” said Robbin.

Pictured: Niyah, Kameca and Elias

Niyah (adopted at 5) and Elias (adopted at 4) and their mom Kameca

“(What) I love most about my family is I get to spend time with them and talk with them and play with them,” said Elias.

“(My mom) is nice and loving. (We like to) bake and go to stores and the park together,” said Niyah.

“Everything we’ve done in life since we’ve had our children has been around the things that benefit them, and the things that bring joy, and the things that can put them ahead in life,” said Kameca. “I didn’t understand what love really was until I met my children.”

Pictured: Rhianna and Reegan

Rhianna (adopted at 17) and her mom, Reegan 

 “I knew for a fact that in the very, very rare case that I would accept adoption, it would not be a stranger,” said Rhianna. “[Reegan] was my social worker for eight years.” 

“So, [Rhianna] said, ‘So I’ve made some decisions … So, you’re like a mom to me. So, I’m choosing you. So, I’d like you to be my adoptive mom,’” said Reegan. 

Pictured: Nadeen, Arleigh and Kaydence

Arleigh (adopted at 16) and her mom Nadeen

“I’m glad that I met my mom and that I have a family who cares about me and wants me to do better in life,” said Arleigh. 

“My promise to my daughters is to surround them with unconditional love, wholehearted support, guidance and security,” said Nadeen.

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