Love Goes the Distance: Jermesha, Floyd and Jermain’s Story

Posted on April 29, 2022


For five long years, siblings Jermesha, Floyd and Jermain were without a safe, permanent home. They were placed in foster care as babies because of abuse, malnourishment and neglect. Unfortunately, Jermesha was separated from her younger brothers. Floyd and Jermain would often go more than a month without the chance to see their sister.

Thankfully, the journey changed for Jermesha, Floyd and Jermain when they were referred to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. Through the program, they were introduced to Edna, an adoption professional, and she began the search for a forever family for the siblings … together.

Nearly 2,000 miles away from where the children were living, Edna found Mark and Celeste. The couple were already parents to five biological children, but their hearts had room for more. Soon after boarding a plane to meet Mark and Celeste, Edna knew their family was the right fit for Jermesha, Floyd and Jermain.

Mark and Celeste formally adopted the siblings in 2020, and the children now have the stability and permanency they need to simply enjoy childhood.

“I’m happy because I get to spend time with my family all the time,” Floyd shared.

With every day, the children feel safer and grow more into themselves. Jermesha enjoys basketball and scooters, Floyd loves learning in school and Jermain is a free spirit who likes making people laugh.

Pictured from left: Floyd, adopted at 6, Jermain, adopted at 5, and Jermesha, adopted at 7

Edna’s commitment to finding a forever family for these three children changed everything. They can now dream about their futures and always have a place to call home.

As we celebrate the work of adoption professionals like Edna, we cannot forget there are still thousands of children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States right now. If you are interested in learning more about foster care adoption or have considered how you can build your forever family through adoption, download our free, step-by-step guide.

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