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The Freedom to Dream Big: Conner’s Story - Stories of Impact Aug 23, 2021

North Carolina - Placed in foster care when he was 7, Conner spent nearly half of his young life longing for a permanent place to call home. “I moved a bunch. I really didn’t want to move that much. I didn’t think I could have a family,” he shared. Fortunately, Conner was adopted at age 12 by James and Jayme through the Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program and has the comfort and security he deserves. Read More

Celebrating Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® Recruiters and Supervisors: Everyday Heroes for Children in Foster Care - In the News Jul 15, 2021

Being a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption professional takes more than understanding the child-focused recruitment model. It’s about being an advocate, a true cheerleader for children waiting in foster care. It takes persistence, compassion and strategic thinking to successfully find the right family for every child. Because last year’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Summit was canceled due to the pandemic, the Foundation announced both the 2020 and 2021 Supervisor and Recruiter of the Year awards during this year’s virtual event and shared highlights of their life-changing impact. Read More

Chris Garrah Joins Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada Board of Directors - In the News Jun 2, 2021

Burlington, ON — The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada recently welcomed Chris Garrah, a partner at the law firm of McMillan LLP in Toronto, as a member of its board of directors. “Every child deserves a loving, forever family and the chance for a bright future,” said Chris. “I am honored for the opportunity to serve on the Foundation’s board of directors and help give more of Canada’s most vulnerable youth in foster care the permanent homes they deserve.” Read More

The Imprint Weekly Podcast: How the Foundation is Finding Adoptive Homes for Children in Foster Care - In the News May 4, 2021

Rita Soronen, President & CEO of the Foundation, joined John Kelly, senior editor for The Imprint, on the publication’s weekly podcast. John and Rita discuss current issues in child welfare and how the Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program is working to find permanent, loving homes for our nation’s most vulnerable youth waiting to be adopted from foster care. Read More

Anthony’s Story: An Adoptee’s Journey to Discover His Past - Stories of Impact Apr 28, 2021

Anthony Onesto, Chief People Officer at Suzy, was adopted as an infant and shares our belief that every child deserves a permanent home and a loving family. Now on a journey to discover his past, Anthony is telling his story to help raise awareness about adoption and the unique experiences that adoptees face. Read More

Hope Through the Darkness - In the News Apr 9, 2021

During one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history, we worked relentlessly to help give thousands of vulnerable children a forever home and the chance for a brighter future. No matter what challenges come our way, by continuing to work together, by striving much harder for just and equitable systems and communities for our children, and by staying committed to our core belief that every child deserves a safe and permanent home, we will fulfill the dream of a family and a home. Read More

Charlie’s Journey As A Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® Adoption Recruiter - Stories of Impact Mar 30, 2021

Washington — Adopted as an infant, Charlie realized in college that his dream career would be to help find permanent, loving families for other children in need. Today, he is living that dream as a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids® adoption recruiter in Washington. Through our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption supports the hiring of recruiters, like Charlie, who serve youth in foster care who are most often overlooked, including teenagers, children with special needs and siblings. Read More

A Statement in Support of Justice - In the News Mar 23, 2021

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is steadfast in our commitment to social justice. We must work together to create a future that our children deserve and one that upholds and celebrates the hope of childhood and justice and equality for all. Read More

A Forever Family for Austin - Stories of Impact Mar 15, 2021

Placed in foster care at age 8, Austin spent the next three years longing for the security and stability of a permanent home. Fortunately, Austin’s journey changed with help from his Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter, Chelsey. Austin says adoption means he finally has a family who will help him along the way through life’s ups and downs. “I’m happier,” he shares. “I have a family, I have friends, and I can be myself.” Read More

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program finds adoptive homes for youth, like Sarah - In the News Mar 5, 2021

Dayton, Ohio — Sarah spent four and a half long years in foster care waiting for a safe, permanent family. Fortunately, her journey changed when she was adopted through our Wendy's Wonderful Kids program in 2019. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption recently celebrated the milestone of 10,000 adoptions through the program. “No kid should ever be put in the ‘unadoptable’ category,” says Sarah's mom, Robin. “Kids just need somebody who’s ‘theirs.’” Read More