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Dave Thomas Foundation aims to match every foster child with a forever family - In the News Nov 25, 2020

Columbus, Ohio — Rita Soronen, President & CEO of the Foundation, and Matthew Snider, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption professional in central Ohio, spoke with The Columbus Dispatch to share how the Foundation is working tirelessly to find safe, permanent homes for children waiting in foster care. “We don't want people to think that any work on behalf of these children has paused,” said Soronen. “In fact, it's accelerated to make sure that they can get home quicker and safer.” Read More

Farmers Insurance’s Benefits Help Give Siblings in Foster Care a Forever Family - Adoption-Friendly Workplace Nov 23, 2020

Michael adopted three siblings from foster care with support from employee benefits provided by Farmers Insurance®. He shared his story to encourage other organizations to consider becoming an adoption-friendly workplace. As our founder Dave Thomas, who was adopted, always said, “It’s the right thing to do.” Read More

National Adoption Day Looks Different This Year But Is More Important Than Ever - In the News Nov 20, 2020

Columbus, Ohio — While National Adoption Day will look different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebration of new families coming together through adoption is no less important…in fact, it’s more important than ever. “In these challenging times, it’s up to all of us to band together to change the journey for these youth before it’s too late. From mentoring to fostering and adoption to spreading the word on social media, no act is too small to make a difference," writes Rita Soronen, President & CEO of the Foundation. Read More

Actor Cody Saintgnue Shares His Adoption Story - Stories of Impact Nov 17, 2020

Actor, producer, model and advocate Cody Saintgnue was adopted at age 12 after spending four years in foster care. He shared his story to speak up for the more than 120,000 children who are waiting to be adopted from foster care right now. "Family includes the loved ones you choose to make your family. I will never forget where I came from and how the gift of adoption helped me to get to where I am today," Cody writes. Read More

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Celebrates 500 Adoptions from Foster Care in Kentucky - In the News Nov 15, 2020

Columbus, Ohio — The Foundation is proud to announce that more than 500 children have been adopted from foster care in Kentucky through our signature program, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids®, in partnership with the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services and adoption professionals across the state. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says reaching this landmark number is especially encouraging as the COVID-19 pandemic creates even more instability and uncertainty for children in foster care. Read More

“The only thing that matters is that your heart matches theirs”: Arleigh’s Story - Stories of Impact Nov 12, 2020

Arleigh was placed in foster care at age 12 in Florida after suffering years of abuse and neglect. Fortunately, she was adopted through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. Now, Arleigh is grateful to have the opportunity to experience life’s special moments and plan for her future in ways she never did before. Read More

Texas Family Realizes Dream of Adoption Thanks to Benefits from Capital One - Adoption-Friendly Workplace Nov 6, 2020

Texas — Patrick and Darah adopted their daughter with support from adoption benefits provided by Capital One Financial Corporation, which has ranked in the top ten on the Foundation’s 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces list since 2017. Patrick, an employee of Capital One, shared his family’s experience to inspire others to consider growing their families through adoption. Read More

Five Ways to Help During National Adoption Month - In the News Nov 4, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis creates even more instability and uncertainty in the lives of children in foster care, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is working around the clock to find forever families for youth in foster care before it’s too late. But we can’t do it alone. Explore five ways you can help spread the word during National Adoption Month this November to help us find permanent homes and loving families for children who are waiting to be adopted. Read More

Thank You, Krista and Vincent Jacobs - Stories of Impact Oct 23, 2020

Both adopted as infants, Krista and Vince Jacobs, of Tennessee, knew they wanted to grow their family through adoption. “No child should have to navigate transitioning to adulthood alone,” says Mrs. Jacobs. Read More

Wendy’s® Gives Back - Stories of Impact Oct 23, 2020

Year after year, The Wendy’s Company, its franchise owners and operators, suppliers, employees and customers support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption through events, personal gifts and in-restaurant campaigns. Following are highlights of the many ways that the Wendy’s family worked together to raise more than $16 million this year. Read More