Nutter’s Adoption Benefits Program Help Make Maggie’s Dream a Reality

Posted on December 19, 2023

When Maggie, an Attorney at Nutter, and her wife thought about starting a family, adoption was an option they could not ignore. They felt a calling to help children who need it the most. As the couple began the adoption journey, they knew they could count on Maggie’s employer for support.  

To start the process, the couple reached out to a private adoption agency and were met with professionals ready to guide them through every step of the journey. They also met fellow prospective parents and had a support network of others on a similar path to parenthood.  

As the couple prepared for the arrival of their child, they spoke to as many people as possible about adoption and what to expect. They were moved by the number of family, friends and colleagues who reached out to offer support.

Maggie with her wife and son

Because their son was born in a different state, the couple had to stay there for more than a week while their paperwork was processed.

Through Nutter’s adoption benefits program, a portion of Maggie’s travel expenses were reimbursed. Her employer’s contribution also helped alleviate the expenses of diapers and formula.  

“In addition to relieving some of our immediate expenses, the employer contribution again made us feel that support,” said Maggie. “I felt like our decision was validated, appreciated and important.” 

Nutter’s robust adoption benefits earned them a spot on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s 2023 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces list.   

Today, Maggie’s family is complete, and she feels grateful for her employer’s support and everyone who helped her through this new chapter of her life.  

Thank you, Nutter, for making adoption a supported option for your employees! You can start the adoption benefits conversation in your organization by downloading the Foundation’s free Adoption-Friendly Workplace toolkit. 

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