Every Child Deserves A Permanent Family: Pippa’s Story

Posted on January 12, 2023

Toronto, Canada

Born in Hong Kong, Pippa was abandoned and moved to an orphanage at birth. Before she was 2 years old, Pippa was adopted and brought to Toronto, Canada. Sadly, she experienced severe abuse and neglect by that family and was placed in foster care. 

Pippa waited more than eight years for a permanent, loving family.

Thankfully, Pippa’s journey changed when Crystal and Jessica adopted her with help from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada and her Wendy’s Wonderful KidsTM recruiter, Nikki. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption professionals are dedicated to finding forever families for children in foster care who are most often overlooked, including teenagers, children with special needs and siblings. 

“Jess and I had adopted previously,” shared Crystal. “We knew it was important for us to find a child where it had been hard to place for them.” 

After meeting with the couple, Nikki knew that Crystal and Jessica were the right family for Pippa. Having been Pippa’s recruiter since she came into care, Nikki wanted to ensure there were no interruptions to Pippa’s daily life until they were confident that an adoption would move forward.  

“(Nikki) looked at every single piece of the puzzle,” explained Crystal. “She said a couple times, ‘Maybe I’m going a little slow, but I need to for Pippa. I need to know that this little girl that I have come to adore is comfortable and safe with how this transition is going.’” 

Upon their first interaction with Pippa, Crystal and Jessica knew they were meant to give her a life where she would only know security, kindness and love as their daughter. 

“You say it was love at first sight. And with Pippa, it was just exactly that,” said Crystal. “We were in the house for probably two minutes, and she had already climbed into Jessica’s lap and was hugging her.” 

Together, the family has helped Pippa overcome many of her medical challenges and fears. Born with a rare genetic disorder, Pippa has numerous medical needs, a severe developmental delay and is considered non-verbal. 

Crystal, mom, and Pippa, adopted at age 10

“When we first met Pippa, she was quite different. She was much more reserved, still so much fun and out there, but definitely more reserved,” explained Jessica. “She couldn’t eat food, and she had a liquid diet, and now she eats food. She didn’t really talk very much. And now she talks quite a bit.” 

With the support of a loving, forever family, Pippa is now thriving, growing and gaining confidence every day. 

“Pippa is warm and sunshine. She just beams. She radiates happiness and love,” reflected Crystal. “You can’t contain the joy in Pippa.” 

While Pippa now has a loving family, there are still thousands of children waiting to be adopted from foster care in Canada. Families who adopt are as unique and diverse as the youth in their care. You do not need to be young, wealthy or married to provide a safe and permanent home for a child in need.  

Are you interested in foster care adoption? Explore the Foundation’s free, step-by-step guide to get started on your adoption journey.  

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