Supporter Spotlight: Paul Prassa

Posted on July 6, 2022

Paul Prassa is a Strategic Account Manager for Henny Penny, an equipment manufacturer for The Wendy’s Company. Adopted as a newborn, Paul recently spoke with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption about how adoption shaped his life. Today, he is passionate about helping to find forever families for children in foster care and is committed to his company’s support of the Foundation. 

Growing up, Paul knew he was adopted by two loving parents. He reflects on how having a safe, permanent home is one of the reasons he can weather life’s challenges. “Family is everything. If that’s solid, it’s easier to get through the tough times,” says Paul. 

Paul Prassa, Strategic Account Manager, Henny Penny

Paul credits the resiliency and empathy forged in him through adoption as a critical factor in his success. He says, “adoption shaped me to be a better person overall — it has helped in the success of my career and many other things.” 

By the time Paul was 30 years old, he was a business owner in the restaurant industry. Paul believes the empathy he gained from being adopted is critical to his effectiveness as a leader. “Empathy helps me listen with the intent to understand,” he reflects. “Listening and asking questions in business conversations leads to a fair, mutual understanding.”

In his position at Henny Penny, Paul champions the company’s commitment to the Foundation’s mission. “Supporting the Foundation is life-changing,” Paul says. “Our support is not going to stop — it’s going to continue because the mission of the Foundation is very meaningful.” 

More than 115,000 children in the United States are waiting to be adopted from foster care right now. With help from the Foundation’s caring community of supporters and life-changing programs, more children will have the opportunity to recall, like Paul, how having a permanent, loving family shaped their lives and gave them the foundation for a bright future. 

Thank you, Paul Prassa and Henny Penny, for your generous support and commitment to advancing the Foundation’s mission.

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