Supporter Spotlights of 2021

Posted on October 21, 2021

The following individuals represent the growing number of generous donors who are passionately helping to advance the Foundation’s mission. We are pleased to share some of the many reasons they support this critical work. 


Robert Sfire

Several years ago, Robert, a business owner and longtime Wendy’s customer, came across one of Dave Thomas’ presentations that offered “humble inspiration for life, family and business.” 

Mr. Sfire had always admired Dave Thomas’ business acumen and belief that, “Success comes through doing the right things,” including providing benefits to employees growing their families through adoption.

After learning about Dave’s personal story and the urgent need for foster care adoption in this country, Robert felt called to help. To this day, Robert says he strives to live by the values Dave underscored in his presentation decades ago.

While I don’t have a personal connection to adoption, Dave’s passion for finding permanent homes for children in foster care inspires me to support the Foundation.

María José Wright

María José adopted her oldest son when he was just seven days old, so she knows how having a permanent home can make a lifetime of impact.

“Finding a forever family for a child makes all the difference. For the rest of their life they will have someone in their corner, who cares what they are doing, who will be there to listen and to counsel, to care, to be home,” reflected Ms. Wright, who has also served as a foster parent.

Sadly, Ms. Wright’s younger son was tragically killed in 2016 during a mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. She was inspired to begin supporting the Foundation after reading how Dave Thomas made it his mission to help young people who needed forever families the most.

It is very difficult to change the world, but by giving to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, you can be part of changing the world for a child … few things can be as precious.

Randy Crawford

As a former police officer, Randy recalls encountering many children who were placed in foster care because of abuse or neglect. Years later, those experiences inspired him to help.

“I realized it was necessary to do something … instead of just being a bystander,” he said. “I have been supporting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption since then.”

After researching several charities, Mr. Crawford chose the Foundation because of its evidence-based, child-focused approach and strong reputation for financial responsibility.

While most children look to the future with some anticipation, many youth in foster care look to the future with dread at the possibility of aging out with no home, no money and no resources.

I take every opportunity to talk about my support of the Foundation and the critical work they are doing to find permanent families for the hardest-to-place youth in foster care.

Proud to Wear Support for Our Cause 

The Foundation is grateful for community partners who share our vision that every child will have a permanent home and a loving family. During National Foster Care Month in May of 2021, the Foundation was proud to partner with Ohio-based, vintage apparel retailer, HOMAGE, to raise awareness of the need for foster care adoption in North America.

Widely recognized for its leisurewear that features eclectic moments and personalities in sports, HOMAGE is also known for its commitment to causes that matter. As part of its HOMAGE Works collection, which is designed to spark unity while giving back to nonprofit organizations, HOMAGE designed a custom t-shirt in support of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

The t-shirts are sold in stores and online with 15% from each sale benefiting the Foundation. During National Foster Care Month, customers also had the option to donate at checkout, with 100% of the funds benefiting the Foundation.

“As a Columbus-based nonprofit with a vital mission, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption was a natural fit for a partnership with HOMAGE,” said Ryan Vesler, Chief T-Shirt Officer at HOMAGE. “At HOMAGE, we value stories, heroes and moments that uplift and inspire, and the Foundation’s mission to find permanent homes for children waiting in foster care is truly inspiring.”

Thank you, HOMAGE, for helping to raise awareness of the Foundation’s mission with the “Love Makes a Family” t-shirt!

Thank you to all our supporters for sharing our belief that every child deserves a permanent home and a loving family

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