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Posted on February 3, 2023

Running an Integrated Fundraising and Marketing Team For Your Nonprofit, Featuring Rita Soronen on The Nonprofit MBA Podcast

While both fundraising and marketing are crucial components of a nonprofit’s success, they are often seen as separate entities. But the truth is that they are deeply interconnected and should be integrated to achieve maximum impact. In today’s podcast, Rita Soronen from the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions, a leading provider of loans for nonprofits, discuss running an integrated fundraising and marketing team for your nonprofit.

Read an Executive Summary or Listen to the Podcast: Running an Integrated Fundraising and Marketing Team For Your Nonprofit

About Rita Soronen From Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption

For more than 30 years, Rita Soronen has worked on behalf of abused, neglected and vulnerable children, providing leadership for local, state and national efforts, working to improve the juvenile justice and child welfare systems while striving to assure safe and permanent homes for North America’s children. Leading the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a national nonprofit public charity, since 2001 and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada since 2003, Ms. Soronen works to find permanent families for the more than 140,000 waiting children in North America’s foster care systems.

About Stephen Halasnik, The Nonprofit MBA Podcast, and Financing Solutions

Stephen Halasnik is the co-founder of  Financing Solutions, which is the leading provider of lines of credit for nonprofits and church financing. The credit line program for nonprofits & churches is fast, easy, inexpensive, and costs nothing to set up, making it great when cash flow is temporarily down. Mr. Halasnik is also the host of the popular, Nonprofit MBA Podcast. The podcast brings on experts to talk about fundraising, nonprofit grants, executive director leadership, nonprofit boards, and other important topics. You can learn more about the nonprofit line of credit program here or call 862-207-4118.

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