How Walmart Supported Julia’s Adoption Journey

Posted on November 13, 2023

In 2021, Julia, a Walmart Store Coach, lost her daughter in a car accident. Her daughter was a single mother to a 4-year-old boy, and Julia’s immediate thought was to care for him. Within 24 hours of hearing about the accident, Julia and her husband filed for emergency guardianship to care for their grandson and make important medical decisions.  

Julia took a few months off work to nurture her grandson and provide support. When she returned, she noticed a headline promoting adoption benefits on her company’s internal employee website.

“Looking into the benefit, I realized that our company set up an amazing program,” shared Julia. “The steps needed to obtain the benefits were very simple to follow.” 

Julia, her husband and grandson

Within a year, Julia and her husband filed for adoption. Through Walmart’s benefits, Julia received reimbursement for legal fees and was supported throughout the process with check-in calls. Today, she makes it her mission to share her story with colleagues and actively seeks out resources for any associate in need of assistance.  

“Fostering a culture of belonging for our Walmart associates starts with ensuring we are offering a full suite of well-being benefits that best support their diverse needs in all aspects of life, including the many paths to parenthood,” said Donna Morris, Chief People Officer. “We’re proud to support associates who are interested in adoption with up to $20,000 toward adoption expenses and know this is just one example of what makes Walmart a great place to work.”  

Congratulations, Walmart, for being recognized as a 2023 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace! We’re thankful for your commitment to making adoption a supported option. Visit to learn more and access resources to become an adoption-friendly workplace.  

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