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The Power of Adoption Benefits at Bank of America: Felicia’s Story

Felicia, an executive in the Expansion Markets Division at Bank of America, considered adoption for years. The opportunity finally presented itself when she and her partner, Ruth, were introduced to three sisters in need of a forever family. With the support of adoption benefits from Bank of America, Felicia and Ruth adopted the sisters and officially became a family. Read More

How Hilton Grand Vacations Supported Wayne’s Path to Parenthood

For years, Wayne, a Customer Care Agent at Hilton Grand Vacations, and his wife have welcomed children in foster care into their home and hearts. When a 10-month-old baby boy entered their care, their lives changed forever. With the support of Wayne’s employer, the couple officially became his parents. Read More

Hear from leaders about the impact of offering adoption and foster care benefits

Organizations across the country are raising the bar in making adoption and foster care a supported option for all working parents. Through adoption benefits, employees are given the opportunity to grow and bond with their family. Read what the 2023 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace leaders have to say about their benefits. Read More

nVent’s Commitment to Supporting Adoption

After fostering for six years, Beth, an external communications professional at nVent, adopted her two daughters with the support of her employer. By being an Adoption Advocate, nVent gave Beth the opportunity to take paid time off and bond with her daughters as the family navigated the adoption journey. Read More

How Walmart Supported Julia’s Adoption Journey

After the sudden loss of her daughter, Julia immediately filed for emergency custody over her grandson. As a Store Coach for Walmart, she discovered her organization’s adoption benefits program and leaned on it for support. Walmart proved their commitment to support employees by providing financial assistance and check-ins for Julia. Read More

Love Makes A Family: Isaiah, Jordan and Sophia’s Story

For more than three years, Isaiah, Jordan and Sophia lingered in foster care after enduring physical abuse and neglect as their biological parents struggled with substance abuse. The siblings bounced from house to house, often separated from one another. Thankfully, they were adopted together by Shane and Adrian with support from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter, Anna. Read More

National Adoption Month: 4 Ways to Make a Difference

November is National Adoption Month, a special time to celebrate families that have grown through adoption and raise awareness of the thousands of children in foster care across the United States. Discover 4 ways you can make a difference during the month and all year long. Read More

Why Employers Say Offering Adoption Benefits is Important

More than 25 years ago, Dave Thomas led an initiative advocating for better adoption benefits in the workplace, because to him, it was just “the right thing to do.” Each year, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption highlights the top 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces. Read from organization leaders on why they are proud to offer adoption benefits. Read More

Every Child Deserves A Permanent Family: Kenya’s Story

At age 6, Kenya was placed in foster care due to abuse and neglect. For nine long years, she worried that she would never have a permanent place to call home. Fortunately, Kenya was adopted by her aunt, Lekeitha, through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. Read More

A Forever Family for Rhianna

Placed in foster care at just 2 months old due to neglect, Rhianna spent the next 15 years of her life waiting for a permanent family. Thankfully, her journey changed when she was adopted by Reegan through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, in partnership with The Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. Read More

2023 Recruiter of the Year: Andrea from Utah

Andrea, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter from Utah, was recognized by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as a 2023 Recruiter of the Year for her dedication to finding permanent families for the longest-waiting children in foster care. Read More

Maximizing Benefits: How American Express is Helping Employees Build their Families Through Adoption

Erin, a Senior Manager of Global Premium Content at American Express, waited more than a year to finally meet her son after starting her adoption journey. With the help and support of American Express, she was able to be present during her son’s birth and during those critical first days together. Read More