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How Fatherhood Can Change A Life

Read some of the ways fatherhood has impacted the lives of Jamar, Brian, Oliver, James and Geffrey, all of whom adopted their children with support from the Foundation’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. Read More

The Bond of a Father and Son: Ernesto and Jeff’s Story

At 6 years old, Ernesto (“Ernie”) was found wandering the streets, trying to find food. Not receiving the care he needed, he was placed in foster care and waited for a permanent home for eight long years. Thankfully, Ernesto’s journey changed when he was adopted by Jeff with help from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program. Read More

Bringing A Family Back Together: Likisha and Jamya’s Story

After years of struggling to make ends meet, Likisha decided to place her children in foster care as she worked to get back on her feet. She hoped her children would only have to be in care for a short time, but sadly, she didn’t see them again for nine long years. Thankfully, she was reunited with her daughter, Jamya, with help from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Read More

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids professionals collaborate and celebrate at annual Summit

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption welcomed more than 600 Wendy’s Wonderful Kids professionals to Columbus, Ohio for the 2023 Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Summit, an opportunity to learn, collaborate and celebrate their life-changing impact in serving the longest-waiting children in foster care. Read More

Q&A with David Ambroz, author of “A Place Called Home”

David Ambroz is the author of “A Place Called Home,” a memoir that chronicles his experiences living in homelessness, then foster care and eventually emancipating and paving a way to attend college and law school. He recently sat down for a conversation with Rita Soronen, President & CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, to discuss his memoir. Read More

Special Moments with Mom

Having the support of a loving, forever family means everything to youth who once lingered in foster care. Read reflections from children served by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption's Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program and their moms. Read More

Cardinal Health Helps Families Become Whole Through Adoption

Cardinal Health was recognized by the Foundation as a 2022 Adoption Advocate as part of the Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace program. Mathew, an employee of Cardinal Health, shared how the support and flexibility he was provided by his employer helped his growing family. Read More

Apex Benefits Group Gives Flexibility and Support to Parents who Foster and Adopt

Apex Benefits Group was recognized by the Foundation as a 2022 Adoption Advocate as part of the Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace program. Apex Benefits Group employee Andrea shared how she was able to adopt her daughter from foster care and the important role employers play in supporting foster parents. Read More

5 reasons you won’t adopt from foster care, and why they’re wrong

The Foundation hears similar comments and misperceptions of foster care adoption that can give prospective parents pause. It’s good to consider all of the challenges and needs you could face when creating or expanding your family through adoption – from financial implications to household dynamics. In this blog, the Foundation corrects five common foster care adoption myths. Read More

The Bond of Family: Johnathan and Patty’s Story

Johnathan and Patty were placed in foster care due to neglect as their biological mother struggled with drug addiction. The siblings waited four long years for a permanent place to call home. Thankfully, their journey changed when they were adopted by Jeanie and Jeff with help from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Now, with the support of a forever family, Johnathan and Patty have a bright future ahead. Read More

Every Child Deserves A Permanent Family: Pippa’s Story

Pippa spent more than eight years in foster care after enduring severe abuse and neglect early in her life. Thankfully, her journey changed when she was adopted by Crystal and Jessica through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.  Read More

Hilton Grand Vacations’ Adoption Benefits Support Family-First Culture

Hilton Grand Vacations was recognized on the Foundation’s 2022 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces list for the fourth year in a row and #1 in the hotel and travel industry on the “Best by Industry” list. Dan, an employee of Hilton Grand Vacations, shared how the organization’s benefits supported the adoption of his daughter, Mallory. Read More