Supporter Spotlight: Amy Chang

Posted on October 21, 2022

Amy Chang is a mother and content creator based in Los Angeles, California. Her beauty platform is focused on wellness and helping women look and feel their best. Adopted as an infant from South Korea, Amy was placed in the foster care system again when she was 10 months old before being adopted by

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Love Makes A Family: Willie’s Story 

Posted on October 3, 2022

Florida Willie was just 11 years old when he was placed in foster care after experiencing abuse and neglect.  “I remember that we were struggling, me and my mom,” reflected Willie. “We didn’t really have food, nothing like that. We were sleeping on the floor.”  As his time in foster care b

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The Freedom to Be Me: Brianna’s Story

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New York At just 8 years old, Brianna was placed in foster care, through no fault of her own, after experiencing years of abuse and neglect. The youngest of six children, Brianna was separated from her siblings, including her oldest sister, Amanda. “When you go into foster care, you’re like,

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Unadoptable is Unacceptable – U.S.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is the only public nonprofit charity in the United States that is focused exclusively on foster care adoption. We challenge the systemic notion that some children are unadoptable. Every child deserves to live in a safe, loving and permanent home. Through our s

Unadoptable is Unacceptable – Canada

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption-Canada’s mission is to dramatically increase the number of adoptions from North America’s foster care systems. We challenge the systemic notion that some children are unadoptable. Every child deserves to live in a safe, loving and permanent home. T

Update on Niyah and Elias’ Story: A team worth rooting for

Posted on July 6, 2022

Mississippi After Kameca’s friend opened her and Jamar’s eyes to the great need for foster-to-adopt families, the couple sought to find a way to create permanency for children in foster care. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter, Kenyata, was looking for a forever family for Niyah and Elias — siblings w

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Love Goes the Distance: Jermesha, Floyd and Jermain’s Story

Posted on April 29, 2022

Oregon For five long years, siblings Jermesha, Floyd and Jermain were without a safe, permanent home. They were placed in foster care as babies because of abuse, malnourishment and neglect. Unfortunately, Jermesha was separated from her younger brothers. Floyd and Jermain would often go more than a

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An Unbreakable Bond: Dawson and Dalton’s Story

Posted on April 6, 2022

Florida A lot has changed since Dawson and Dalton were placed in foster care as young boys. Dalton, who has cerebral palsy and other medical diagnoses, often did not receive the care he needed. At 10 years old, he weighed just 44 pounds. Dawson worried constantly about his older brother. “I was alwa

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